Medical Industry

Milling & Turning for Medical Devices

Baron Machine provides ultra-high precision milling and turning services for all types of medical machines and devices, including plastics, stainless, and many other materials

Our highly-trained milling and turning professionals are capable of providing your company with the high degree of precision and robust quality required, with all products delivered exactly to your specifications.

Precision Medical Milling & Turning with Baron Machine

Because of our extensive experience with materials ranging from plastics to stainless metals, as well as the efficiencies achieved by our 5-axis programmable CMM, Baron Machine can provide superior quality while adhering to exceptionally fast turnaround times.

Superior Traceability for Total Peace of Mind

Baron Machine is compliant with ISO 13485 as well as ISO 9100,2015. In addition, we are committed to superior material traceability and material lot traceability to ensure ultra-high quality throughout all aspects of the milling and lathing process.

Your Medical Devices Can Benefit From Our Expertise.
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