Facilities List

Turning Centers

Doosan Puma 2100 SY II Twin Spindle Live tooling with bar feeder
Capacity 2-5/8” Thru Spindle 12” Diameter x 18” Length
Max RPM: 5,000

Doosan Lynx 2100 LSY Twin Spindle Live tooling with bar feeder
Capacity 1-5/8” Thru Spindle 8” Diameter 18” Length
Max RPM: 5,000

Doosan Lynx 300
Capacity: 17.7” Diameter, 30.1” Length
Max RPM: 3500

Doosan Lynx 2100
Capacity: 6” Diameter, 24” Length
Max RPM: 4,000

Doosan Lynx 2100L
Capacity: 12” Diameter 36” Length
Max RPM: 4,000

Mori Seiki CL-20A
Capacity: 8” Chuck, 8” Length, 2” Bar
Max RPM: 3000

Mori Seiki SL-35B
Capacity: 16” Chuck, 19” Diameter, 24” Length
Max RPM: 2000

Doosan Lynx 220 L
Capacity: 8" Chuck, 11" Diameter, 24" Length
Max RPM: 4,000


Hwacheon 18”
Capacity 18” Diameter, 24” Length

LeBlond 24” Regal
Capacity 34” Diameter, 60” Length
5” Thru Spindle
Max RPM: 1200


Sunnen ML-4000
Automatic Hone

Sunnen MBB-1660
Manual H


Jones & Shipmen
Suprema 650 Cylindrical Grinder
12” x 26” capacity

Okamoto Model Linear 6.18B with Sony DRO

Okamoto Model PFG 612
Travel X12”, Y6”

Okamoto Model PFG 618
Travel X18”, Y6”

Automatic Grinder
Travel X24”, Y12”

Horizontal Machining Centers


Makino A51NX (Horizontal Milling)
Pallet 15.7" x 15.7"
X 22.0"
Y 25.2"
Z 25.2"
Spindle RPM 14,000 rpm (14K High Torque, 20K)
Rapid Traverse 2,362 ipm
Cutting Feedrate 1,968ipm
ATC Capacity 60 tools (optional 40, 134, 219, 313)
Tool to Tool 0.9 secs


Doosan HP5500 Twin Pallet HMC
Travel X31.5”, Y27.6”, Z29.5”
60 Tool Capacity
Max RPM: 10,000
1,000 PSI Coolant thru Spindle
Renishaw Tool and Part Probes


Travel X98.43”, Y78.74”, Z59.06”, W21.65”
Table Size 52.12” x 70.87”

Vertical Machining Centers

Fanuc Robo Drill
Travel X20” x Y18” x Z12”
Max RPM: 24,000

Trak TMC 10
Travel X40”, Y20”, X18”
Max RPM: 12,000

Doosan DNM 400 II
Roller LM Guides
Travel X30.000”, Y17.100”, Z15”
Max RPM: 8,000

Doosan MV 6030
Travel X60”, Y30”, Z24”
Max RPM 12,000
1,000 Thru Spindle Coolant

Doosan DNM 650
X26", Y50", Z25"
Max RPM 12,000
1,000 PSI Thru spindle Coolant

Doosan DT 360D Rotary Pallet
Travel X20.5”, Y14.2”, Z13.8”
Max RPM 12,000
Air Thru Spindle.


Dake-Johnson Vertical Band Saw
Model V-24

Metora Horizontal Saw
Model VMB280

Johnson Horizontal Saw
Model H-250-SA

Heat Treating

Lindberg Heat Treating Furnace

BlueM Lab Ovens (2)

Quality Assurance

Renishaw LM 9.12.7 5th axis CMM

Sunnen PG-800 Gages (3)

Mahr Federal 832 Dimensionair Gages (2)

Mitutoyo PH350 Profile Comparator

Deltronic DH214 Profile Comparator

Profilometers (2)


Sandblasting and Glassbead Finishing

Buffing, Sanding, Tumbling and Polishing



3 Axis
Travel : X30”, Y15”, Z17”
Max RPM: 6000

Bridgeport / Anilam
Travel X32”, Y15”
Max RPM: 3200

Bridgeport / Anilam
Travel X32”, Y15”
Max RPM: 3200

DPM / Trak
Travel: X31”, Y17”, Z23”
Max RPM: 4200

DPM / Trak
3 Axis
Travel: X31”, Y17”, Z23”
Max RPM: 4200

Trak K4
Travel X31”, Y16”, Z16”
Max RPM: 4200

Outside Services

When we are not able to complete your order alone, Baron Machine has partners ready to assist us. Whether it’s sheet metal, heat treating, EDM, testing, anodizing, or plating, Baron Machine can deliver the finished product to you on time.


Hansford Davis Key Seater
1/16”- ½” Wide, 8½” Long

Stewart Warner Hard Bearing Balancing
Model DA-1000
24” Dia. Capacity x 55” Long