Precision Milling

Backed by Industry Leading Capabilities and Experience

At Baron Machine Company Inc., we are dedicated to offering customers industry leading milling services that fulfill extensive requirements for precision, accuracy, quality and value. Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our customers by committing to offer customized service and cutting edge technology to suit the individual needs of every client. In addition to our expertise, our state of the art CNC milling technology is designed to meet every one of our customers’ exact specifications.

Baron Machine Company offers a cost effective solution for your short and long run milling needs. We are dedicated to providing the quality CNC milling solutions that provide our clients with quality parts to their specifications.

Our efficient, cutting edge CNC machinery includes:

  • Doosan 60 X 30 Vertical Mills
  • Doosan Palletized Horizontal Mills
  • Hitachi Seiki VM-40 Vertical CNC Mills
  • Kuraki CNC Boring Mills
  • Alliant B526 Bed Mills
  • Alliant B5EC Bed Mills
  • Mori Seiki MC 760 Vertical CNC Mills

CNC Milling Capacities include:

  • CNC milling X = 78 Y = 60 Z = 52, Weight rated 2,200 LBS
  • Conventional X =86 Y = 72 Z = 54

CNC material capabilities include:

  • Aluminum CNC milling
  • Brass CNC milling
  • Bronze CNC milling
  • Inconel CNC milling
  • Plastic CNC milling
  • Stainless steel CNC milling
  • Steel CNC milling
  • Titanium CNC milling

Frequently Asked Questions about CNC Milling at
Baron Machine

Q: How large of a part can you mill? A: We can mill parts up to 100” x 80” x 59”
Q: Do you machine Titanium? A: Yes.
Q: Can you make a part from a solid model? A: Yes.
Q: How heavy of a part can you mill? A: Our largest machine has the capacity to hold 22,000lbs
Q: Do you have fifth axis capabilities? A: No, we do have full fourth axis