Production Machining

A Baron Machine Company Specialty

For over 60 years, Baron Machine Company has strived to become one of New England’s leading machining and fabrication companies.

In that time, upgrades to our equipment and processes has made our company uniquely suited to handle large-volume production CNC machining projects for businesses and organizations across the country.

Why Choose Baron for Production Machining?

Customers rely on our unique combination of equipment and experience (backed by essential quality certifications) for production machining that’s lean, competitive, and precise.

Industries Served

  • Aerospace/Aviation
  • Alternative Energy
  • Chemical
  • Commercial
  • Communication
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Food processing
  • Machinery and Production Equipment
  • Firearms Component Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Printing
  • Research and Development

We have continued to tweak and adjust every aspect of our business to make sure that we offer our customers the best machined components and services available.

Learn more about what makes Baron Machine the production machining company of choice for metal parts, products, and components of all shapes and sizes below.

Our Production CNC machining and manufacturing services feature the following:

  • Balancing and Keyways
  • CNC Turning Center
  • Heat Treating
  • High Tech Milling Machines
  • Lathes
  • CNC Machining Centers
  • High Tech Milling Machines
  • Jig Bore Machines
  • Horizontal Boring Mills
  • Steel Fabrication and Welding

We offer a wide range of manufacturing possibilities for our customers. From small precision ground parts less than .250” in size to large machinery assemblies over 30 feet in length and over 10,000lbs, our manufacturing capabilities are sure to accommodate your needs.

The Baron Difference: A Comprehensive Source for Production Machining

CNC Production Machining | Frequently Asked Questions

Baron Machine runs two shifts, and already has the equipment. It isn’t always as simple as buying a piece of equipment. Finding a knowledgeable employee, and retaining them is key. At Baron Machine Company, we’ve built many long-term relationships with customers in a wide variety of industries. Long-run projects benefit our customers in numerous ways. In addition to our extensive equipment list ensuring we always have the right tool for the job, our on-site staff includes experienced maintenance professionals, process engineers, programmers, and quality control experts to constantly ensure consistent quality. When it comes to long, repeated production runs, our customers know what to expect at all-times
High volume production machining enables our facility and our team to dedicate automated machining resources and multiple shifts to a single product or component, which allows us to realize greater efficiencies and accommodate demanding deadlines.
Our focus is on providing turn-key production machining. If that means providing everything from the earliest prototypes all the way down to final production runs – Baron’s production CNC machining services are just what you’re looking for.